Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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رزدق رزغ رزق

3. ⇒ رازغ

رَازَغْتُهُ, (JK,) inf. n. مُرَازَغَةٌ, (JK, Ḳ,) I practised deceit, delusion, guile, or artifice, with him, or towards him; syn. رَاوَغْتُهُ; (JK, Ḳ;*) and sought, or endeavoured, to induce him; syn. حَاوَلْتُهُ: said [in speaking] of a wolf, &c. (JK, TA.*)

4. ⇒ ارزغ

ارزغت الأَرْضُ The land, or ground, was, or became, very slimy or miry; or had much slime, or mire, and moisture. (Ḳ,* TA. [See also 4 in art. ردغ.])

Root: رزغ - Entry: 4. Signification: A2

ارزغ said of a digger, He reached the moist earth or clay. (Ṣ, Ḳ.)

Root: رزغ - Entry: 4. Signification: A3

ارزغت السَّمَآءُ The sky gave water such as moistened the earth or ground: (TA:) like اردغت. (TA in art. ردغ.) And ارزغت الرِيحُ The wind brought نَدًى [i. e. moisture, or rain,, &c.]. (IF, Ḳ.) And ارزغ المَطَرُ الأَرْضُ The rain moistened the earth, or ground, (Ṣ, Ḳ,) and exceeded the ordinary degree, (Ṣ,) but did not flow. (Ṣ, Ḳ.)

Root: رزغ - Entry: 4. Signification: A4

ارزغ المَآءُ The water was, or became, little in quantity. (JK, Ibn-ʼAbbád, Ḳ.)


رَزْغٌ A small quantity of water in what are termed ثِمَاد [q. v.] and حِسَآء [pl. of حِسْيٌ q. v.] and the like. (TA.)

Root: رزغ - Entry: رَزْغٌ Signification: A2


رَزَغٌ: see رَزَغَةٌ.

Root: رزغ - Entry: رَزَغٌ Signification: A2

Also Moisture. (TA.)


رَزِغٌ Sticking fast in slime or mire: (JK, T, Ṣ,* Ḳ:) or so مُرْزِغٌ↓ andمُرْزَغٌ↓. (IB.)


رَزَغَةٌ (Ṣ, Ḳ) and رَزْغَةٌ (Lth, Mgh) Thin mud; (TA;) [i. e.] slime, or mire: (Ṣ, Ḳ:) or much slime or mire: or, accord. to the M, it is less than what is termed رَدْغَةٌ [or رَدَغَةٌ, q. v.]: (TA:) but accord. to Lth (Mgh) and to the T, (TA,) stiffer than what is termed ردغة: (Mgh, TA:) or slime, or mire, little in quantity: (Ḥam p. 632:) pl. رِزَاغٌ and [coll. gen. n.] رَزَغٌ↓ (Ḳ) [andرَزْغٌ↓]: or رَزَغٌ and رَزْغٌ signify slime, or mire: (Mgh:) andرِزَاغٌ↓ is also expl. [as a sing., like رِدَاغٌ,] as having this last meaning; and as meaning also moisture of the earth. (TA.)


رِزَاغٌ: see what next precedes.


مَرْزَغٌ Rain producing much slime or mire; opposed to مَسِيلٌ, “causing much flowing.” (Ḥam p. 632.)


مُرْزَغٌ: see رَزِغٌ.


مُرْزِغٌ Rain that moistens the earth, or ground, exceeding the ordinary degree, but not flowing; opposed to مُسِيلٌ, “that causes the valleys and water-courses (تِلَاع) to flow.” (Ṣ, and Ḥam * p. 632.)

Root: رزغ - Entry: مُرْزِغٌ Signification: A2

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