Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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رذل رز رزأ

1. ⇒ رزّ

رَزَّهُ, [aor. ـُ {يَرْزُزُ}, inf. n. رَزٌّ,] He pierced, stuck, or stabbed, him. (Ṣ, A, Ḳ.)

Root: رز - Entry: 1. Signification: A2

He stuck, or fastened, or fixed, it, (Ṣ, A, Ḳ,) into the ground, (Ṣ,) or into another thing; (Ḳ;) as, for instance, a nail (TA) or a knife (A) into a wall, (A, TA,) or a knife into the ground, (TA,) and an arrow into the target. (A.)

Root: رز - Entry: 1. Signification: A3

رَزَّتِ الجَرَادَةُ,, aor. ـُ {يَرْزُزُ} (Ṣ, Ḳ) and ـِ {يَرْزِزُ}, (Ḳ,) inf. n. رَزٌّ (Ṣ, TA) and رُزُوزٌ, (so in a copy of the Ṣ, but wanting in another,) The locust stuck her tail into the ground, (AZ, Ṣ, Ḳ,) and laid her eggs, (AZ, Ṣ,) or to lay her eggs; (Ḳ;) as alsoارزّت↓. (AZ, Ṣ, Ḳ.)

Root: رز - Entry: 1. Dissociation: B

رَزَّ البَابَ, (Ṣ, Ḳ,) aor. ـُ {يَرْزُزُ}, inf. n. رَزٌّ, (TA,) He furnished the door with a رَزَّة [or staple to receive the bolt of the lock]. (Ṣ. Ḳ.)

Root: رز - Entry: 1. Dissociation: C

رَزَّتِ السَّمَآءُ, (A, Ḳ,) aor. ـِ {يَرْزِزُ}, (A, TA,) inf. n. رَزٌّ, (TA,) The sky made a sound by reason of rain. (Ḳ.)

Root: رز - Entry: 1. Signification: C2

رَزَّ is also said of a stallion [i. e. a stallion-camel, meaning He uttered a low braying]: and of thunder [meaning It made a low sound]. (A.) [See رِزٌّ below.]

Root: رز - Entry: 1. Signification: C3

And رَزٌّ signifies also The being instantly silent. (TA.)

2. ⇒ رزّز

رَزَّزْتُ لَكَ الأَمْرَ, (Ṣ,) inf. n. تَرْزِيزٌ, (Ṣ, Ḳ,)I arranged, or facilitated, for thee the affair. (Ṣ, Ḳ.*) And زَرَّزْتُ أَمْرَكَ عِنْدَ فُلَانٍI arranged, or facilitated, thine affair, and put it in a sound, right, or proper, state, (ثَبَّتُّهُ, [or, as in one copy of the A, بَيَّنْتُهُ, i. e. made it clear, or plain,]) with such a one. (A, TA.)

Root: رز - Entry: 2. Dissociation: B

تَرْزِيزٌ also signifies The glazing, or polishing, of paper. (Ṣ, Ḳ.)

Root: رز - Entry: 2. Signification: B2

[See also the pass. part. n., below: whence it appears that it signifies also The dressing, or preparing,, &c., with rice.]

R. Q. 1. ⇒ رزرز

رَزْرَزَهُ, (Ḳ,) inf. n. رَزْرَزَةٌ, (TA,) He put it in motion, or in a state of commotion. (Ḳ, TA.)

Root: رز - Entry: R. Q. 1. Signification: A2

And He equalized it; namely, a load, or burden; (Ḳ, TA;) made it to counterbalance. (TA.)

4. ⇒ ارزّ

ارزّت الجَرَادَةُ: see 1.

8. ⇒ ارتزّ

ارتزّ It stuck, or became fastened or fixed, into a thing; (TA;) as, for instance, an arrow into the target, (Ṣ, A, Ḳ,) and into the ground. (A.)

Root: رز - Entry: 8. Signification: A2

He (a niggardly man) remained fixed in his place, and was tenacious, (Ṣ,* Ḳ,* TA,) and was ashamed and confounded, or speechless and motionless through confusion and shame. (TA.)


رُزٌّ i. q. أَرُزٌّ [i. e. Rice: see the latter word, in art. ارز]. (Ṣ, Ḳ.)


رِزٌّ A piercing [pain] and rumbling in the belly: (A:) or pain in the belly; as alsoرِزِّيزَى↓: (Ṣ:) or pain, and pressure of the feces: (TA:) or the pressure and motion of the feces in the belly, (Ḳṭ, Mgh, TA,) in the effort to pass forth, so that the person who feels it wants to enter the privy; whether it be with a rumbling or without: (Ḳṭ, TA:) or a sound of rumbling or the like in the belly. (Aṣ, Mgh,* TA.) You say, وَجَدْتُ فِى بَطْنِى رِزًّا (Aṣ, Ṣ, A) I felt in my belly a piercing [pain] and rumbling: (A:) or a pain: (Aṣ, Ṣ: expl. in the KL by the Pers. word دَرْد:) as alsoرِزِّيزَى↓: (Aṣ, Ṣ:) or pain, and pressure of the feces;, &c. (TA.)

Root: رز - Entry: رِزٌّ Signification: A2

[Hence,]A vehement burning in the mouth of a camel, arising from thirst, with pain. (TA.)

Root: رز - Entry: رِزٌّ Signification: A3

Also A low sound: (TA:) any sound that is not vehement: (AʼObeyd, TA:) or a sound that one hears from afar; as alsoرِزِّيزَى↓: (Ḳ:) or a sound that one hears but knows not what it is: (TA:) or a sound in a more common sense; (Ḳ, TA;) vehement or slight: (TA:) or a sound; as of thunder, &c.: (Ṣ:) or the sound of thunder; (Ḳ;) as alsoرَزِيزٌ↓, [in measure] like أَمِيرٌ: or the former has a more general application: andإِرْزِيزٌ↓ [in like manner] signifies a sound: and also thunder: (TA:) and رِزٌّ also signifies the braying of a stallion-camel. (Ḳ,* TA.)


رَزَّةٌ A single piercing; a stick, or stab. (Ṣ, TA.)

Root: رز - Entry: رَزَّةٌ Signification: A2

And A pain in the back. (Ṣgh, TA.)

Root: رز - Entry: رَزَّةٌ Dissociation: B

The iron [meaning the staple] into which [the bolt of] the lock enters: (Ṣ, Ḳ:) so called because [the bolt of] the lock penetrates it: pl. رَزَّاتٌ. (TA.)


رَزَازٌ i. q. رَصَاصٌ [generally meaning Lead]: (Ṣgh, Ḳ:) a dial. var. of the latter word. (TA.)


رَزِيزٌ: see رِزٌّ.

Root: رز - Entry: رَزِيزٌ Dissociation: B

Also A certain plant, with which one dyes. (Ṣ, Ḳ.)


رَزَّازٌ One who sells, and traffics in, رُزّ [or rice]. (TA.)


رِزِّيزَى: see رِزٌّ in three places.


إِرْزِيزٌ A piercing, sticking, or stabbing, (Ḳ, TA,) such as is firm, or steady. (TA.)

Root: رز - Entry: إِرْزِيزٌ Dissociation: B

A tremour. (Th, Ṣ, Ḳ.)

Root: رز - Entry: إِرْزِيزٌ Signification: B2

See also رِزٌّ, last sentence.

Root: رز - Entry: إِرْزِيزٌ Dissociation: C

Long-sounding. (Ḳ.)

Root: رز - Entry: إِرْزِيزٌ Dissociation: D

Hail: (Th, TA:) or small hail, like snow. (Ṣ, Ḳ.)


مَرَزَّةٌ A place in which رُزّ [or rice] is collected together; like the كُدْس of wheat. (TA.)


مُرَزَّزٌ Food dressed, prepared, or mixed up, (مُعَالَجٌ,) with رُزّ [or rice]. (Ṣgh, Ḳ.) And Paper dressed, or prepared, (مُعَالَجٌ,) with رُزّ [or rice]: (A, TA:) or paper glazed, or polished. (Ṣ.)

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