Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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رأ رأب رأبل

1. ⇒ رأب

رَأَبَ, (T, Ṣ, M, A, Ḳ,) aor. ـَ {يَرْأَبُ}, (M, A, Ḳ,) inf. n. رَأْبٌ. (M, TA,) He repaired, or mended, (T, Ṣ, M, A, Ḳ,) a [cracked, or broken,] vessel, (Ṣ,) or a crack, or fissure; (M, A, Ḳ;) as alsoرأّب↓, (M, TA,) in some copies of the Ḳ ارتأب↓, [agreeably with an explanation of مُرْتَأَبٌ, its pass. part. n., which see below,] and in others [and in a copy of the A] أَرْأَبَ↓, but the right reading is رأّب. (TA.) It is related of AḤát, that he heard رَبٌ said, [as the imperative, for اِرْأَبْ,] and that it is a good dial. var., like سَلْ for اِسْأَلْ. (TA.)

Root: رأب - Entry: 1. Signification: A2

He rectified, repaired, mended, or amended, anything. (M.) You say, رَأَبَ بَيْنَ القَوْمِ, (M, Ḳ,) aor. and inf. n. as above, (M,)He effected a reconciliation, or made peace, between the people, or company of men. (M, Ḳ.) And اَللّٰهُمَّ ٱرْأَبْ بَيْنَهُمْ (Ṣ, A)O God, effect a reconciliation, or make peace, between them: (Ṣ:) or ‡ rectify the matter, or affair, between them. (A.) And اَللّٰهُمَّ ٱرْأَبْ حَالَنَا[O God, rectify, or amend, our state, or condition]. (TA.)

Root: رأب - Entry: 1. Signification: A3

Also, inf. n. as above, † He collected a thing together, and bound it gently. (TA.)

Root: رأب - Entry: 1. Signification: A4

And رَأَبَتِ الأَرْضُThe land produced its [trefoil called] رَطْبَة, or رُطْبَة, [so accord. to different copies of the Ḳ,] after the cutting [of a crop thereof]. (Ḳ.)

2. ⇒ رأّب

see above {1}, first sentence.

4. ⇒ ارأب

see above {1}, first sentence.

8. ⇒ ارتأب

see above {1}, first sentence.


رَأْبٌ an inf. n. used in the sense of [the act. part. n.] رَائِبٌ↓: so in the saying, كَفَى بِفُلَانٍ رَأْبًا لِأَمْرِكَ[Such a one is sufficient as a rectifier, or an amender, of thine affair, or thy case]. (A.) You say also, فُلَانٌ رَأْبُ أَمْرِ, andرَؤُوبُ↓ أُمُورٍ, ‡ Such a one is a rectifier, or an amender, of an affair, and [a skilful rectifier or amender] of affairs. (A.) [See also رُؤْبَةٌ: and مِرْأَبٌ.]

Root: رأب - Entry: رَأْبٌ Signification: A2

Also ‡ A chief who rectifies, or amends, the affair, or case, of a people, or party. (A.)

Root: رأب - Entry: رَأْبٌ Signification: A3

A big, bulky, portly, or corpulent, chief. (Ḳ, TA.)

Root: رأب - Entry: رَأْبٌ Dissociation: B

A herd of seventy camels. (Ḳ.)


رُؤْبَةٌ A piece, (Ṣ, Mṣb, Ḳ,) or piece of wood, with which a large wooden bowl, (T, TA,) or with which a vessel, (Ṣ, Mṣb, Ḳ,) is repaired, or mended: (T, Ṣ, Mṣb, Ḳ:) or a thing, (T,) or piece of wood, (TA,) with which a breach, or broken place, (T, TA,) in a vessel, (T,) or in a bowl, (TA,) is stopped up: (T, TA:) a piece that is inserted in a vessel, to repair, or mend, it: (M:) and a piece of stone with which a بُرْمَة [or cooking-pot of stone or other material] is repaired, or mended: (T, TA:) and a patch, or piece, with which a camel's saddle (رَحْل) is patched, or pieced, when it is broken: (M, TA:) some of its meanings are mentioned also in art. روب: (TA:) pl. رُؤَبٌ (T) and رِئَابٌ. (Ṣ.)

Root: رأب - Entry: رُؤْبَةٌ Signification: A2

[Hence,] one says, هُوَ رُؤْبَةُ صَدْعِ الصَّفَآءِ[He is the means of repairing the breach of sincere affection]. (A.) And هُوَ رِئَابُ بَنِى فُلَانٍ[app. a mistranscription for هُمْ: i. e. They are the means of rectifying, or amending, the affair, or case, of the sons of such a one]. (A.) [See also رَأْبٌ and مِرْأَبٌ.]


رَؤُوبٌ: see رَأْبٌ.


رأّٓب: see مِرْأَبٌ.


رَائِبٌ: see رَأْبٌ.


أَرْآبٌ, for آرَابٌ, pl. of إِرْبٌ, q. v.


مِرْأَبٌ An instrument with which cracks, or fissures, in a vessel, are repaired, or mended; syn. مِشْعَبٌ. (M, TA.)

Root: رأب - Entry: مِرْأَبٌ Signification: A2

[And hence,] the same word, andرَأّٓبٌ↓, (T, A, Ḳ,) A man who repairs, or mends, cracks, or fissures, (T, Ḳ,) of bowls [&c.]: (T:) or who repairs, or mends, things well. (A.) And [hence,] † A man who effects reconciliation, or makes peace, between people. (T.) Pl. [of the former] مَرَائِيبُ [as though the sing. were مِرْآبٌ also]. (T, A, TA.)


مُرْتَأَبٌ i. q. مُغْتَفَرٌ [Forgiven: or, accord. to the TḲ, † rectified, or repaired, in a suitable manner]: (Ḳ, TA:) [in one copy of the Ḳ, مُعْتَفَرٌ: and] in one copy, معتفن. (TA.)

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