Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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قين ك كأ


Arabic Letter ك

[The twenty-second letter of the Alphabet, called كَافٌ. It is one of the letters termed مَهْمُوسَة, or non-vocal, i. e. pronounced with the breath only, without the voice; and it also belongs to the class called شَجَرِيَّة. It is a radical letter.]

Root: ك - Entry: ك Signification: A2

[As a numeral it denotes twenty.]

Root: ك - Entry: ك Dissociation: B

[ك, as a pronominal suffix, as a preposition, and as a particle of allocution, see Supplement.]



كَ prefixed to a noun is called كَافُ التَّشْبِيهِ The ك of comparison. Respecting its being prefixed to pronouns, see أَنْ, suprà, p. 106.

Root: ك - Entry: كَ Signification: A2

إِجْعَلْ هٰذَا الشَّىْءَ كَأْسًا وَاحِدًا Make thou this thing to be [uniform, or] of one way, or mode, or manner. (ISk, in TA, art. بأج.)

Root: ك - Entry: كَ Signification: A3

كَذٰلِكَ The like thereof; such like; and simply such; and so.

Root: ك - Entry: كَ Signification: A4

كَإٍ and كآءٍ: see كَأَىٍّ or كَأَيِّنْ voce أَىٌّ.

Root: ك - Entry: كَ Signification: A5

كَمَا followed by a pret. often means Like as when: see an ex. in a verse cited above, p. 740.

Root: ك - Entry: كَ Signification: A6

كَمَا is often followed by a pret. in the sense of an aor.: see exs. in EM., pp. 41 & 214.

Root: ك - Entry: كَ Signification: A7

كَمَا أَنْتَ وَزِيْدًا [Keep as, or where, thou art, and approach not Zeyd! like مَكَانَكَ وَزَيْدًا]. Heard by Ks. (L, art. عند.)

Root: ك - Entry: كَ Signification: A8

كَمَاأَنْتَنِى Wait for me where thou art! Heard by Az from certain of the Benoo-Suleym. (L, art. عند.)

Root: ك - Entry: كَ Signification: A9

ك of allocution is varied like the pronominal affix of the sec. pers., accord. to the sex and number of the persons addressed: see exs. in the Ḳur, iii. 42 and xix. 21 (Flügel's ed., and Lees' Keshsháf), xii. 37, ii. 46, &c., and xii. 32. But sometimes the same form is used in addressing a number of persons as in addressing one man: see, for ex., Ḳur, iv. 96.

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