Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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عيه غ غب


Arabic Letter غ

The nineteenth letter of the alphabet: called غَيْنٌ. It is one of the letters termed حَلْقِيَّة [or faucial], (L, TA,) its place of utterance being the upper part of the fauces, near to that of ح, (TA in art. غين,) the same place as that of خ, (L, TA,) [from which it differs in being pronounced with the voice, for] it is of the letters termed مَجْهُورَة [or vocal], (L, TA, and Ḳ in art. غين,) and of those that are termed مُسْتَعْلِيَة [q. v.]; one should not reiterate the voice in uttering it, so as to exceed what is right, nor neglect exactness in respect of its place of utterance, so as to render it obscure, but should make it thoroughly distinct, and clear: it is not an augmentative letter: and [it is said that] it is not substituted [for another letter]: (Ḳ in art. غين:) [but this is a mistake; for] it is substituted for two letters; for خ, in غَطَرَ بِيَدِهِ, aor. يَغْطِرُ, meaning خَطَرَ, aor. يَخْطِرُ, mentioned by IJ and several others, (MF, TA,) and in غَطَرَ بِذَنَبِهِ for خَطَرَ; (TA in art. خطر;) and for ع, in لَغَنَّ for لَعَنَّ, mentioned by Ibn-Umm- Kásim and others, (MF, TA,) [and in نَشُوغٌ for نَشُوغٌ,] and in اِرْمَغَلَّ for اِرْمَعَلَّ, and also in الغَيْنُ as signifying “thirst” and “the clouds.” (TA in art. غين.)

Root: غ - Entry: غ Dissociation: B

[As a numeral, it denotes A thousand.]

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