Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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اسو اسى اشب

1. ⇒ أسى

أَسِىَ, aor. يَأْسَى, inf. n. أَسًى or أَسًا, He grieved, or mourned, (Ṣ, M, Mṣb, Ḳ,) عَلَيْهِ [for him or it]. (M, Ḳ.) See art. اسو.


أَسٍ, [agreeably with analogy, as part. n. of أَسِىَ,] (M,) orآسٍ↓ (Ḳ,) orأَسِىٌّ↓ (Mṣb,) andأَسْيَانُ↓, (M, Ḳ,) a dial. var. of أَسْوَانُ, (TA, [see art. اسو]) Grieving, mourning, or sorrowful: (M, Mṣb, Ḳ:) fem. [of the first, or second,] أَسِيَةٌ (M,) or آسِيَةٌ, (Ḳ,) and [of اسيان] أَسْيَانَةٌ (M, Ḳ) and أَسَيْى: (TA:) pl. [of اسيان] أَسْيَانُونَ (M, Ḳ) and أَسَايُونَ [which is extr. and somewhat doubtful] (Ḳ) and [of اسيانة] أَسْيَانَاتٌ and [of اسيى or of أَسِيَةٌ] أَسَايَا (M, Ḳ) and [of اسيى] أَسْيَيَاتٌ. (Ḳ.)


أَسْيَانُ see above.


أَسِىٌّ see above.


آسٍ see above.


آسِيَةٌ mentioned in this art. in the Ḳ: see آسٍ in art. اسك.

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