Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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اوز اوس اوف

آسٌ / آسَةٌ

آسٌ [The myrtle;] a certain kind of tree, (Ṣ, Mṣb, Ḳ,) well known, (Ṣ, Ḳ,) fragrant, (IDrd, M, Mṣb,) and evergreen, abundant in the land of the Arabs, growing in the plains and mountains, and increasing so as to become a great tree: (AḤn, M, TA:) n. un. with ة {آسَةٌ}: (AḤn, M, Mṣb, Ḳ:) IDrd says, I think it an adventitious word, although used by the Arabs, and occurring in chaste poetry. (M, TA.)

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