Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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انا انب انت

2. ⇒ أنّب

أنّبهُ, inf. n. تَأْنِيبٌ, He blamed, reproved, reprehended, chid, or reproached, him: (Ṣ, M, A, Ḳ:) or he did so severely, or angrily: (ISk, T, Ṣ, M, A, Ḳ:) or, with the utmost severity or harshness: (T, M, TA:) or he repulsed him, meaning a person who asked something of him, in the most abominable manner. (M,* Ḳ,* TA.)


أُنْبُوبٌ An internodal portion, or the portion between any two joints, or knots, of a cane, or reed, and of a spear-shaft: (T:) [and] a spear, or lance: pl. أَنَابِيبُ: mentioned in this art. [in the T, and] by Ibn-El-Mukarram [in the L]. (TA.) [See also art. نب.]

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