Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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الا الب الت

1. ⇒ ألب

أَلَبَ, (Th, M, Ḳ,) aor. ـِ {يَأْلِبُ} and ـُ {يَأْلُبُ}, inf. n. أَلْبٌ, (M,) It (a thing, Th, M) was, or became, collected; or compact; syn. اِجْتَمَعَ; (Th, Ḳ;) or تَجَمَّعَ. (M.)

Root: الب - Entry: 1. Signification: A2

أَلَبَ إِلَيْهِ القَوْمُ The people came to him from every direction: (M, Ḳ:) or أَلَبَ القَوْمُ [signifies the people multiplied themselves, and hastened; for it] denotes الإِكْثَارُ and الإِسْرَاع: (T in art. ضهب:) and أَلَبَ, (T, Ḳ,) aor. as above, (T,) signifies he hastened, or went quickly. (T, Ḳ.)

Root: الب - Entry: 1. Signification: A3

أَلَبَتِ الإِبِلُ The camels obeyed the driver, and collected themselves together. (M, Ḳ.) [See also 5.]

Root: الب - Entry: 1. Signification: A4

أَلَبَ إِلَيْهِ He returned to him, or it. (Ḳ,* TA.)

Root: الب - Entry: 1. Signification: A5

أَلَبَتِ السَّمَآءُ, (M, Ḳ,) aor. ـِ {يَأْلِبُ}, (M,) The sky rained with long continuance. (M, Ḳ.)

Root: الب - Entry: 1. Dissociation: B

أَلَبَ, (Ṣ Mṣb, Ḳ,) aor. ـِ {يَأْلِبُ}, inf. n. أَلْبٌ, (Mṣb,) He collected (Ṣ Mṣb, Ḳ) an army, (Ṣ,) or a people; (Mṣb;) as alsoألّب↓, (M,) inf. n. تَأْلِيبٌ: (TA:) and camels also: (TA:) or أَلَبَ الإِبِلَ aor. ـِ {يَأْلِبُ} (T,* Ṣ, M, Ḳ) and ـُ {يَأْلُبُ}, (Ṣ, M, Ḳ,) inf. n. أَلْبٌ, (T, Ṣ,) signifies he collected the camels, and drove them (Ṣ, TA) vehemently: (TA:) or he drove them: (T,* Ḳ:) or he drove them vehemently. (M.)

Root: الب - Entry: 1. Signification: B2

أَلَبَ, (TA,) inf. n. as above, (Ḳ, TA,) also signifies He drove, pursued, chased, or hunted, with vehemence: (Ḳ, TA:) and he drove away a people. (Mṣb.) You say, أَلَبَ الحِمَارُ طَرِيدَتَهُ The [wild] ass chased, or pursued, the object of his chase [i. e. his female, as is shown by MF,] with vehemence; (M, Ḳ;) as alsoأَلَّبَهَا↓ (Ḳ.)

2. ⇒ ألّب

see 1, in two places.

Root: الب - Entry: 2. Signification: A2

تَأْلِيبٌ also signifies The act of exciting, instigating; or rousing to ardour: (Ṣ, Ḳ:) and the exciting of discord, or strife, or the making of mischief. (Ḳ.) you say, ألّب بَيْنَهُمْ He excited discord or strife, or made mischief, between them. (M.)

5. ⇒ تألّب

تألّبوا They collected themselves together. (Ṣ, A, Mṣb.) [See also 1.] You say also, تألّبوا عَلَيْهِ They leagued together, or collected themselves. together, and aided one another, against him. (T.)


أَلْبٌ (T, Ṣ, Mṣb) andإِلْبٌ↓ (Ṣ, Mṣb) Persons, or people, collected together; (Ṣ;) an assembly; a collected body: (Mṣb:) or a collection of many people: (T:) andأَلْبٌ أَلُوبٌ↓ a great assembly or congregation. (M.)

Root: الب - Entry: أَلْبٌ Signification: A2

Also A people, or company of men, combining in hostility against a man. (TA, from a trad.) You say, هُمْ عَلَيْهِ أَلْبٌ وَاحِدٌ, andإِلْبٌ↓, (but the former is the better known, M,) They are [one body of men] assembled against him with injustice and enmity or hostility: (Lth, T, M, Ḳ:) like وَعْلٌ وَاحِدٌ and صَدْعٌ وَاحِدٌ and ضِلَعٌ وَاحِدٌ. (T, TA.)


إِلْبٌ: see أَلْبٌ, in two places.


أَلَبٌ a dial. var. of يَلَبٌ; (M;) Helmets of camels' shins: or, as some say, it signifies steel: (T:) أَلَبَةٌ is [its n. un., being] a dial. var. of يَلَبَةٌ. (Ḳ,* TA.) [See also يَلَبٌ.]


أَلُوبٌ: see أَلْبٌ.

Root: الب - Entry: أَلُوبٌ Signification: A2

Also One who hastens, or is quick; (T;) andمِئْلَبٌ↓ likewise signifies [the same; or] quick, or swift: (Ibn-Buzurj, T, Ḳ:) or the former signifies quick in drawing forth the bucket: (IAạr, M, Ḳ:) or brisk, lively, sprightly, active, agile, or prompt, and quick; (Ḳ, TA;) applied to a man. (TA.)

Root: الب - Entry: أَلُوبٌ Signification: A3

رِيْحٌ أَلُوبٌ A cold wind, (M,) that raises and scatters the dust. (M, Ḳ.)

Root: الب - Entry: أَلُوبٌ Signification: A4

سَمَآءٌ أَلُوبٌ A sky raining with long continuance. (M.)


مِئْلَبٌ: see أَلُوبٌ.


حَسُودٌ مُؤَلِّبٌ [An envious man,] who excites discord or strife, or makes mischief. (Ṣ,* TA.)

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