Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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اسف اسفيداج اسك


إِسْفِيدَاجٌ [Ceruse; or white lead;] ashes of lead (رَمَادُ الرَّصَاصِ والآنُكِ, Ḳ, which last word is as though it were added to explain that immediately preceding, TA): when subjected to a fierce heat, it becomes what is termed إِسْرَنْجٌ: [so in the CK: more probably إِسْرِنْجٌ:] it has clearing and mitigating properties, (Ḳ,) and other useful qualities: (TA:) an arabicized word [from the Persian اسفيداج isfédáj]. (Ḳ.)

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