Classical Arabic - English Dictionary

by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

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اخو اد ادب


أَدُّ (Ṣ, M, Ḳ) andإِدُّ↓ (T, Ḳ) andآدُّ↓ (Ḳ) Strength; power; force: (Ṣ, M, Ḳ:) superior power or force or influence; mastery; conquest; predominance. (M, Ḳ, TA.)

Root: اد - Entry: أَدُّ Signification: A2

See also إِدُّ, in two places.

Root: اد - Entry: أَدُّ Signification: A3

Also, the first, The sound of treading. (T.)


إِدُّ: see أَدُّ.

Root: اد - Entry: إِدُّ Signification: A2

Also, andإِدَّةٌ↓, A wonder, or wonderful thing: (M, L, Ḳ:) a very evil, abominable, severe, thing, or affair: (Ṣ, M, A, L, Ḳ:) a calamity; (Ṣ, A, L, Ḳ,) or thus the former word signifies; (M;) as alsoأَدُّ↓, (as in the copies of the Ḳ,) orآدُّ↓, [originally آدِدً] of the measure فَاعِلْ: (so in the Ṣ and L:) pl. (of إِدُّ M, TA) إِدادُ (Ḳ, TA,) or أَدَادُ (T, CK, [but this, if correct, is a quasi-pl. n.,]) or آدَادُ (M,) and (of إِدَّةٌ, Ṣ, M) إِدَدٌ (T, Ṣ, M, Ḳ.) You say also أَمْرٌ إِدٌّ [meaning as above], using إِدٌّ as an epithet, accord. to Lḥ. (M.) Andدَاهِيَةٌ إِدَّةٌ↓ [A very evil, abominable, or severe, calamity]. (A.) Hence the saying in the Ḳur [xix. 91], لَقَدْ جِئْتُمْ شَيْئًا إِدًّا Verily ye have done a very evil, or abominable, thing: (Ṣ, M:*) or, accord. to one reading, أَدُّا↓; both meaning great, or grievous: and some of the Arabs say, بِشَىْءٍ آدٍّ↓, which means the same. (T, TA.)


إِدَّةٌ: see إِدُّ in two places.


آدُّ: see أَدُّ:

Root: اد - Entry: آدُّ Signification: A2

and see إِدُّ in two places.

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